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Policies & Pricing

Dance Year: Our dance year starts September 19, 2022 and end with our production on June 4, 2022. The year consists of 30 weeks with weeks off at the holidays.

Class Placement: Below are our guidelines for placement in a dance class. ATD reserves the right to place students according to their ability.

     Level 1 - 7 to 8 years of age

     Level 2 - 9 to 10 years of age

     Level 3 - 11 to 12 years of age

     Level 4 - 13 to 18 years of age

The cutoff date for age groups is 12/31/22. We realize that sometimes your child would like to be in the same class as their schoolmates, HOWEVER, we look at it as a chance for the kids to meet other friends outside of their schools. Most kids will be in a class from 2 years depending on when they join the class. Moving a child up will depend on the teachers' discretion. If you have questions regarding the classes available to your child(ren) please call the studio.

Attendance: Attendance is very important to the advancement of the student and the class. If you child(ren) must miss a class, please contact the studio as soon as possible. Missed classes will not be made up.

Cancellations: Classes with 4 or less registered students will either be cancelled or combined with another class by the 3rd week. Classes will be cancelled if either Green Bay or De Pere School Districts are closed due to inclement weather. These classes will be made up in the 2nd half of the dance year if time permits. 

Observation: Parents & siblings may observe from the studio’s waiting area. Please respect the teachers, students, & office area. If you bring in food or drink for your child(ren), please make sure any remains are put in the trash.

Dress Code: All classes are required to wear dance attire; Leotards, camisole shirts, sports bra, skirts or "booty" shorts for all classes. Hair must be pulled away from the face in a ponytail for all classes. If hair becomes a distraction the student may be excused from class. 

Shoes for dance classes are:

First Steps thru Mini 3 - Black tap and Pink Ballet Shoes

Levels 1&2 - Pink Ballet Shoes and Tan Jazz Shooes

Levels 3&4 - Half Soles or dance paws and Tan Jazz shoes

Tap Classes - Tan Tap Shoes

Hip Hop Classes - Black Tennis Shoes

Costumes: If your child(ren) are in a performing class, measurements for costumes will be taken in October and costumes will be ordered in November/December for all classes. We do allow for growth when we order costumes however these costumes are not made to specific measurements. A $25 deposit per costume will be billed on the 1st billing statement in September. The balance due on the costumes will be billed with the billing statement in January. If your child(ren) quit dance after the costumes are ordered, you will still be responsible for the cost of the costume. Prices for costumes generally range from $50 - $100 per costume. Costumes will not be handed out until the costume is paid for completely.


Production: A $45 production fee per family will be charged on the 1st billing statement. This cost helps to defray the cost of the rental of the Theatre. This fee will include a recital T-shirt for each dancer. 


Refunds: Tuition after the 2nd week of class is non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by the studio. The tuition refund will then be pro-rated. In the event of a nation or worldwide pandemic, natural disaster, or any other unforeseen circumstance & we have no choice but to shut down, there will be no refunds or credits given. We will attempt to reschedule classes or hold classes on-line when possible. You will be notified if this happens & these classes will be considered regular classes. If your dancer chooses not to attend, it will be considered like a sick day & no refund or credit will be given. Production fees and costume deposits are non-refundable after October 31st.

Tuition: (amount is per year - 30 weeks)

First Steps - $275 

Mini 1,2,3 - $325

1 Hour Technique Class - $325

30 Min Dance Class - $350

45 Min Dance Class - $390

1 Hour Dance Class - $450

Elite Competition Classes - $400

Family Discount: If you have 3 or more students enrolled in classes, you will receive a 10% discount off the total tuition.

Multi Class Discount:  If a student is enrolled in 2 or more classes, there is a 10% discount off the 2nd and 3rd class. This discount applies per child. If you have 2 Student enrolled only 1 class each, the discount does not apply.

Only one discount will apply and will only apply if the bill is paid in full by the due date. We do accept Visa, Master Card and Discover for your convenience. 


Discounts will be removed if the bill is not paid by the due date and any outstanding accounts will be adjusted accordingly.

Statements: The following charges will be on all accounts when fall registration is received:

*Tuitions will be charged for the full season.

*$25 down payment for each costume that will be ordered for your child(ren). The balance of costumes will be added to the statement in January. There will be 2 costumes for all ballet/Jazz classes.

*$45 production fee per family. This helps to defray the cost of renting the Theatre for our production.

All families will receive a statement when registration is set in. Balances are due by Oct. 31st. There will be a statement mailed out by the 15th of each month as long as there is a balance on your account. There is a $25 charge for any returned checks. If you would like to make a monthly or installment payments, please talk to Sue in the office to set that up. 

Payments: If you would like to make monthly payment on your account, please check the box on the registration form and let the office know as soon as possible. We will then set up a payment plan. Payments are not automatically withdrawn out of your checking/savings account or credit cards. It is your responsibility to make sure your payments are received in the office on a monthly basis. 

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