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ATD’S Covid 19 Safety Procedures and Precautions

On September 22, Governor Evers extended the mask mandate until November 21.  Evers’ mask mandate requires everyone age 5 and older to wear a mask while indoors, except at home.  All That Dance, Inc. intends to continue to follow this mandate. Other precautions ATD will continue to take are: *frequent sanitizing of community spaces *frequent hand washing/sanitizing *air sanitizing filters on our HVAC system *monitoring instructor’s health Our viewing area remains closed for the time being.  Once a month, you will be able to watch your dancer’s class via Google Meet.  You will be notified via TeamAPP of “Watch Weeks”.  In the event that a student (or student’s family member) is advised to quarantine by their school and/or the health department, that student must also quarantine from their dance classes.  Please email ATD immediately with your dancer’s quarantine start and end date at  As always, if your dancer is ill, please keep them home. Classes for quarantined dancers will be offered via Google Meet.  This will allow the dancer to continue to dance with their class from home.  Dancers will be invited to these classes by email.  These classes are not “optional”.  Therefore, any unapproved absence from a Google Meet class is considered unexcused. These classes are not offered at a discount price and are meant for quarantining students only.  If an instructor requires quarantining, classes will be rescheduled or a substitute teacher will be put in place.  Local school districts won’t be calling “snow days” this year.  However, if the weather makes travel treacherous, classes at ATD will be cancelled.  We will NOT be offering these classes via Google Meet as our instructors intend upon teaching all classes from the studio, not from their homes.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate these unchartered waters together.  Feel free to reach out with any questions. Suezee, Sharon and Jessica All That Dance, Inc.

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