Legacy Dance Competition

KI convention center, Green Bay

March 15th - 17th

Friday, March 15th

5:03pm #2 Avery - Ballerina- Elite Gold

5:18pm #7 Megan K - Cross That Line- Gold
5:33pm #12 Nogc - DNA- Elite Gold
5:57pm #20 Ruby - Turn Your Face - Gold
7:35pm #51 Clarena - Secrets and Lies- Platinum
9:13pm #82 Emma and Bella - Space Between - Elite Gold
9:40pm #91 Clarena and Audra - Copy Cat-
Platinum, 5th Overall Intermediate Teen Duet/Trio
9:55pm AWARDS

Saturday,  March 16th
No Dances from ATD

Sunday, March 17th
9:06am #325 Stella and Lucy - Stand By Me- Elite Gold, 4th Overall Intermediate Petite Duet/Trio, Judges Award "Genuine Connection"
9:35am #334 Stella and Emilie - Goosebumps- Elite Gold, 5th Overall Intermediate Petite Duet/Trio
10:01am #341 Amelia, Emersyn and Lily - Landslide-
Elite Gold, 9th Overall Intermediate Junior Duet/Trio
10:55am #356 Lauren, Quincy and Violet - Tribe- Elite Gold
1:10pm AWARDS
3:37pm #418 Audra - Wildfire- Platinum
3:55PM #424 Lauren - Sparks Fly- Elite Gold, Judge's Award "Stage Presence"
5:05pm AWARDS
5:45pm #445 Emma T - Over you - Platinum
5:51pm #447 Brooklyn - Lovely- Elite Gold
5:57pm #449 Kate - When The Party's Over - Elite Gold
6:12pm #454 Quincy K - Lost On You- Elite Gold
6:27pm #459 Sophia S - Higher Love- Elite Gold
6:33pm #461 Jaclyn - An Evening I Will Not Forget - Pla
6:51pm #467 Katie - Just The Same - Platinum, 6th Overall Intermediate Senior Solo
7:21pm #477 Chloe - Carry Me Home- Platinum, 1st Overall Intermediate Senior Solo
7:35pm #480 Jaclyn - Hide and Seek - Elite Gold
7:50pm #485 Emma T - Fade - Platinum, Judges Award "Great Musicality"
8:14pm #493 Sophia S - Bored- Platinum, 8th Overall Intermediate Senior Solo
8:20pm #495 Brooklyn - Way Down We Go- Platinum, 7th Overall Intermediate Senior Solo
8:26pm #497 Chloe and Quincy - Into Dust - Platinum, 1st Overall Intermediate Senior Duet/Trio, Judges Award "Lighter Than Air"
8:54pm #506 Kate and Quincy - Time Flies- Platinum, 3rd Overall Intermediate Senior Duet/Trio
9:00pm AWARDS


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